Project Announcement - Coast Coliseum Marriott Hotel

5-24-19 aLoft 150 key scheme_Page_4.jpg

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center could have a hotel operating on its Biloxi beachfront property as early as the fall of 2021.

Monday morning, Coast Coliseum Director Matt McDonnell was joined by hotel developer Al Bienvenue with the New Orleans based Bienvenue Group to make a presentation before the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

The addition of a hotel would make the facility more competitive when it comes to attracting meetings and offering enhanced amenities.

“Without the hotel, there is a lot of business we can’t even bid on. That’s a box you have to check that you have a center hotel. Now, we’ll be able to check that box, and it will allow coastal Mississippi to do even more in terms of bringing more business to the convention center because they’re not handicapped by not being able to check that box,” McDonnell explained.

The board approved a lease and room block commitment agreement with the developer.

The Coast Coliseum and Convention Center has a $1 million, 99-year lease with the developer. That money will cover the first three years. After that, they will pay $50,000 a year for the term of the lease.

The 150-room hotel would be under the Marriott flag. The plan is to expand the number of rooms in phase two of the project.

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