On a Mission

This summer, our bookkeeper Brandy Turnage and her daughter Sarah returned to Haiti for a weeklong mission trip through But God Ministries. While there, they participated in worship services, helped teach English classes, volunteered in the clinic’s pharmacy and much more. [story continues below slideshow]

Brandy and several of the team members taught a motherhood seminar throughout the week. Mothers and mothers-to-be walked for miles to attend the classes where they received diaper bags, water bottles, and learned how to make and wear a baby sling to carry their newborns. On the last day of their trip, Brandy even got to give a baby boy his first bath!

One of the main reasons the locals travel to the “Hope Center” is for the medical clinic located there. Up to 300 people will line up starting at 2 or 3 am to be first in line. The doctor then prioritizes the patients based on their medical needs and sees 50-60 patients a day. Tony West and his wife Mickie live in the village and have dedicated their lives to this mission. The pharmacy on site is managed by volunteers.

During their trip this summer, the First Baptist Madison team also donated over 100 soccer balls to the clinic and local schools, witnessed to the locals, and learned more about their culture. It’s hard to say who learned more and took more away from the week—Brandy and her teammates or the Haitians themselves. For more information on how to get involved or volunteer for a similar trip, visit butgodministries.com.